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I put up mostly whatever I feel like, I can't really tell what the majority of my works will be, but a hunch would be nature photography and fanart/original digital art.

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I'm not a mass +fav-er or anything, it'll probably be awhile before I feel like +faving stuff again, but you are welcome to look through the my old collections I have in here from other accounts.


:icondragon-ball-oc-zone: :icondbz-4-life: :icondragonball-corner: :icondragonball-forever:
I am having a SALE for DRAGONBALL Z DOUJINSHI.... YAY!!!!

Long story short, I just cannot keep all of these doujinshi (most of them I got through lots), so I want to sell away the ones that would receive more appreciation in a different home.

*Doujinshi are fanmade books, most come from Japan. The majority of these doujinshi are gag/non-adult, some may contain hints of shonen-ai (boy love) and a few are actually shonen-ai. These are indicated in the descriptions*

I specify title, circle (if I can clearly see it), length, characters based upon repetition of appearance and story, and price based upon quality of doujinshi.

I will try to place reasonable prices on these so they would actually sell, but they do not include S&H so keep this in mind when ordering (and that I live on the east coast of the United States). I will ship internationally, just keep the possible S&H price in mind.
Examples of cheapest possible shipping prices for ~4oz doujinshi:
California, US: ~$1.50 w/out insurance or registration
Canada: ~$2.00 "
United Kingdom/Europe: ~$6.00 "
The prices will vary of course base upon how many you order and the size of the book

A book that has "reserved" next to the price means someone has staked a claim and are in the process of purchasing it, but have yet to make the deposit. It is not the same as being SOLD, there is a possibility it may become available again if the person eventually decides not to buy it for one reason or another.

How to order:
1. Send me a note with all of the following:
    a. which book(s) you want
    b. where you live
    c. your email address
    d. and whether you have a paypal account or not
You can note me either on deviantArt or tumblr (You can also directly ask me about the S&H costs to determine whether you want to buy or not, just tell me which town, state, region, country, etc. you are from)  
2. Once you hear back from me by email, you have a week to send your deposit (half the price of the book) through paypal (or other method) [after this payment, the book(s) will be declared SOLD, but before it will only be considered "reserved"]
3. Then I will send you by email how much S&H costs, pay for that and the rest of price, and then I will send the book(s) to you. Once I send the book(s) out, it is yours for good.  

Paypal is preferred payment(and easiest)
If you need to use another method, please note me to see if it is possible

I will answer other questions as they arise.

Tumblr account:  

*4/28/13* More have been added! Finally!
*12/13/13* Still on sale
*9/13/14* Closed due to attending University abroad, you are still welcome to send me a note, it's just I won't be able to send anything for a bit until I go home
*5/26/16* Back on SALE

time by Dikatze uma by Dikatze
Title: Time
Circle: club touen
Length: 34 pages
    -1st Story: Gohan (main), Goten, Trunks, Bulma, Piccolo, Vegeta
    -2nd Story: Mirai Trunks, Dr. Gero, General Tao, Android 17, Android 18

Title: Uma
Circle: club touen
Length: 14 pages
Features: Goten and Trunks (main), Goku, Vegeta, Supreme Kai (Gohan and Piccolo make appearances)
Price: $12 for both

channel pop by Dikatze
Title Channel Pop!
Circle: Battlas Club
Length: 30 pages
Features: Mirai Trunks, Goku, (Krillin, Vegeta, Piccolo, Gohan, Master Roshi (in one strip) make appearances)
Price: $10

kickik goten by Dikatze
Title: Kichik goten
Length: 34 pages
Circle: Age
Features: young Mirai Trunks, Android 18, Android 17, Mirai Gohan
Price: $10

wakusei vegeta oujisama by Dikatze
Title: Wakusei Vegeta Oujisama
Length: 34
Features: kid Vegeta (main) and OC character, short story with Mirai Trunks and Goku at end
Price: $12

kobushibushi 9 by Dikatze
Title: Kobushibushi 9
Circle/Author: Johshu
Length: 22 pages
    1st story: Goku, Gohan, Piccolo (Dende and Vegeta make appearances)
    2nd story: Bardock, Sepia, Toma
    3rd story: Chichi, Goku, Gohan
Price: $18

junior majunior by Dikatze
Title: Junior Majunior Returns
Length: 34 pages
Features: Piccolo and kid, adult Gohan (main), Goku, Videl, (Dende, Chichi and Goten make appearances)
Price: $21

Gureta Saiyaman by Dikatze
Title: Gureta Saiyman
Length: 42 pages
Circle: D.B.T.
Features: Piccolo x Gohan (explicit), Videl
Price: $25

tsueeyatsu by Dikatze
Title: Tsueeyatsu
Circle/Authors: Nisiwaki Keiko, Katagiri Ryo, Sabazusi Tarou,
Length: 90 pages
Features: Goku and Chichi, Gohan, Piccolo, Vegeta, Krillin; one story features Zarbon and Ginyu Force; one story features Bardock+crew
Other: This doujinshi is an anthology, which is a compilation of works by multiple authors, so the styles are different for each story
Price: $30

Asian Mama by Dikatze
Title: Asian Mama
Length: 92
Authors: Mugendo, Senko Kame, Kanco Ma
Features: Piccolo, Gohan, Goku, Chichi, Bardock, Raditz and a little bit of Jeice + Recoume
Price: $30

(If interested, only with purchase of another doujinshi, just note which one you want)

intro by Dikatze come to nothing by DikatzeMirai Gaidan Project by DikatzeTwo Stories Vegeta/Trunks by Dikatze
Title: Intro
Circle/Author: Motoki S
Length: 12 pages (not including extra OCs story)
Features: young Mirai Trunks (main), Mirai and teen Gohan
Note: very flimsy paper cover and a separate story falls out

Title: come to nothing
Circle/Author: Mr, Asia
Length: 26
Features: Vegeta x Goku (main)
Note: 10 pages are dedicated to pure writing

Title: Marai Gaiden Project
Length: 125 pages
Features: Mirai Trunks?
Note: All writing

Title: Two Story Vegeta/Mirai Trunks
Circle: Arcadia Company
Length: 58 pages
Features: Mirai Trunks and young Vegeta
Note: Majority of the book is filled with writing, but images can be seen behind the writing, perhaps as a visual to what is being written? There are plenty of images scattered throughout the book


Angel Waltz by Dikatze
Title: Angel waltz
Length: 26 pages
Author: Uzo to gizen
Features: Piccolo x Krillin (main)

Piccoloball 1 by DikatzePiccoloball 2 by DikatzePiccoloball 3 by DikatzePiccoloball 4 by Dikatze
Title: Piccoloball (mini doujinshi set of 4)
Lengths respectfully: 26, 26, 34, 26 pages
Feature: Piccolo as central character, they all feature Gohan, Vegeta, Dende, Goku, Krillin, and MiraiTrunks(in the second to last).
Other: The first two books occur on Namek, the last two on Earth.

Oresama gaidan bejita by Dikatze
Title: Oresama Gaiden Bejita
Length: 26 pages
Circle/Author: Oresama Gaidan Club, Noriko Sato
Features: Vegeta (main), Mirai Trunks, Bulma, and a little bit Raidtz + Nappa, Zarbon, Ginyu at end

pseudo monkey by Dikatze
Title: Pseudo Monkey
Circle/Author: Johshu
Length: 28 pages
Features: kid Vegeta and Bardock (main), Bardock's crew (mainly Sepia), (Nappa and Frieza make appearances)

happy go lucky by Dikatze
Title: Happy-Go-Lucky
Circle/Author: Johshu
Length: 30 pages
  1st story: Videl (main), Piccolo, Chichi
  Mini strip: Bardock
  2nd story: Vegeta (main), Bulma, Trunks

dekabinpon by Dikatze
Title: Dekabinpon
Length: 34 pages
Features: Penguins!!!!
  1st story: Goku, Uub, Trunks, Goten, Vegeta (Piccolo makes an appearance)
  2nd story: Vegeta, Bulma, Bra + trunks
  3rd story: Pan, Gohan, Goku, Goten

prologue by Dikatze
Title: Prologue
Circle/Author: Kame/Alef
Length: 34 pages
Features: adult/kid Vegeta and Raditz (main), Nappa, Frieza, Zarbon, ( short story w/ Goku at end)

chu shichauz cover by Dikatze Previews on tumblr:…
Title: Chu Shichauz
Length: 36 pages
Features: Vegeta, Trunks, Frieza, Ginyu Force, Nappa, Zarbon, Bulma (short story w/ Cooler at end)

kininaru no sama by Dikatzemarugoto no sama by Dikatzevege take by Dikatzevegetable juice by Dikatzeminazuki by Dikatzesaiya by Dikatzeprince of vegeta by Dikatze
Titles respectively: Kininaru no Sama, Marugoto no Sama, Vege Take, Vegetable Juice, Minazuki, Saiya, Prince of Vegeta
Circles/Authors: The first three are by the same group, the rest are individual books
Lengths respectively: 34, 26, 42, 42, 34, 34, 26 pages
Features: All have Vegeta main.
Kininaru, Marugoto, Vege take features Krillin as 2nd main char (Goku, Gohan, Frieza, Z warriors make appearances) Vegetable Juice features Krillin, Gohan, Piccolo, Jeice, Ginyu, Frieza
Minazuki and Saiya features Trunks as 2nd main char + Bulma,
Minazuki also features 2nd form Cell while Saiya also features Krillin, Lunch, a little bit Goku, KKold.
PoV features Krillin, Bulma, Yamcha, a little bit Goku
  • Listening to: LieblingsJMusik
  • Playing: Minecraft


United States
I live here: New England

Describe your personality: Hmmm... let me make this in a nice short list:
- Definitely introvert, but not feel too bad about it
- I'm quite cautious and never would intentionally hurt or be rude to anyone
- Socialphobic - not the fear of people but fear of unpredictable social situations, judgment, and rejection - both in real life and online (to prove case and point, it took me 2 and 1/2 hours writing and perfecting this Bio for the public eye)
- However I have a pretty zany side too
- I have an incredibly huge imagination and use it to create worlds, creatures, people, visualize abstract concepts, and simply to entertain myself (I hope someday to illustrate these and put them in my gallery)
- I also like to talk about and explore enlightening subjects such as sociological construct of human society, culture, and mind - no seriously, I do

Personal Quote: "Sometimes you have to make a lot of mistakes before you get it right"

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